Terms of Service as of February 4, 2011

Terms of Service, Rules and Rights regarding the artwork commissioned from Mystiqe/Chebits

Through commissioning me you are agreeing to the Terms of Service stated. I respect creative input from clients and in return I ask that you respect my work and my rights and copyrights. I believe that my clients should receive work done to the best of my ability, their wishes respected, and ideas shown as accurate as possible.

I ask my clients to have an idea going into the process of what they desire. I also ask to be left some artistic freedom of interpretation, and not to deviate from my current style. (I.E. draw in another artist’s style such as a particular animes, or the Lion King ECT.) I work best with detailed information on what you are looking for in a commission. For this reason, forms to be filled out have been provided for you, they can be found here. 

By commissioning me you agree to the terms stated. I will expect any clients to have read through the Terms of Service before starting the commission process.

Artist’s Rights and Copyright Concerning Commissioned Artwork

-I have the right to refuse any commission without giving an explanation. There may also be instances where the commissioning process will be interrupted. In such cases the clients will be assured that work will resume as soon as able unless the client wishes to cancel.

-I have the right to be paid for any work completed on a commission, regardless of cancellation. If a commission is cancelled at a certain stage (such as sketch/inks/or flats) you will be charged for that stage of completion. Discontent on the client’s end is not considered fault of the artist, as it is the client’s responsibility to communicate desired changes and voice concerns or ask for edits during stages where revisions are allowed.

-My signature/watermark is not to be removed from work created or work posted/redistributed without proper credit included with the piece. Clients will receive a version of the commission without watermark. However for reposting, the watermark is a must.

-I have the right to post artwork commissioned by the clients (with proper credit to the client’s intellectual property) unless otherwise asked not to by the client, however a no-posting fee will be charged

-I have the right to print and sell artwork commissioned by the clients for convention use (with proper credit to the client) unless otherwise asked not to by the client.

-I reserve copyright to the commissioned artwork unless the rights are sold, or the work is done on a For-Hire basis.


Image Content

-I will not draw sexually explicit art for minors. (It’s illegal!)

-In the situation when I do draw sexually explicit art, I will not draw cub/under aged porn, scat, hyper endowments (muscle, inflation, and genitals), bloating, extreme bondage, or extreme gore/guro. It will also be noted that I will not draw excessive fluids, internal views, or animal genitalia.

-Keep it in mind that I tend to draw realistic body types and will draw animal features from real life reference unless otherwise directed.

-I can draw humans, furrys, kemonomimi (i.e. cat ears/tail), and animals.

-I will not take fan art commissions, such as drawing characters from a popular anime/cartoon/comic/or movie. I will draw characters cosplaying as such characters if it is ever asked for.

-I will not draw mecha in any form. Simpler robotics are a maybe, please ask me about it before filling out a form.



-Currently accepting payment via PayPal, CAD currency. Payment in any other currency will be refunded.

-Payments will be done via PayPal invoices. Once a quote is agreed upon by both parties, I will send you an invoice. I will notify you when I have sent the invoice.

-Payment is required upfront before I start on the image. For more expensive commissions I will take multiple instalments. If there are any issues or concerns with this method of payment, I encourage my clients to talk to me about it. I am flexible.


Commission Details

-I will only take basic descriptions that give me the main details that I need to know. Huge blocks of text are harder to decipher the information I need, so please be patient with me if I ask many questions.

-I will usually ask to know more about your character, such as a bit of a bio or a summary of personality. This helps me portray your character to the best of my abilities.

-If you have particular clothes, items, or settings in mind, I ask to please include examples.

-I am quite willing to try things I have not drawn before. Please ask about such things before filling out a form.

-I do not have a set time frame for how long it takes an image to be completed. Some are faster than others depending on complexity. If you need something done by a certain date, I ask to have 2 weeks’ notice. Any deadlines must be brought up in the first initial contact.


The Commission Process

Going into the commission process with me, Mystiqe/Mad-Cheshire, you will get various chances to ask for revisions or edits of the image, within reason. The stages where you will get chances for editing are as followed. (It is to be noted that this is for larger projects, such as full illustrations. Smaller pieces, such as icons will have no approval stages)

Sketch – This is the basic sketch for the image. It is much looser than what a sketch commission would be. It gives the basic feel of the image so you know what you’re going to be getting. It is preferred that any major issues (such as pose, or details like hairstyle, clothing, expression) be resolved in this stage.

Quick Line – Once the sketch is approved, I will do a quick run of in the line art, showing which lines are going to be kept. Any major changes need to be made in this stage if necessary. Upon approval I will move on to the Final Line Art stage.

Final Line Art – This stage I flesh out the line art fully. In the instance where changes are made to the Final Line Art, a charge will be applied due to numerous chances already having been given. Once approves, I will move onto the Base Color stage.

Base Color – The base colors will be filled in and sent to you. This is to make sure the colors are correct and to specifications. Image changes to this stage may only apply to color choices. Once approved, I will shade in the piece and the image will be considered final. If there are any sorts of edits that need to be made from this stage, charges will be applied.

Please make a note that preview images are used to gain client critique and are considered private works between the artist and client only and may not be used in public display. These images are strictly between artist and client.

-Permission is granted automatically to clients to post the completed and paid for commissioned work, provided proper artist credit is included and easily visible.

Proper artist credit includes:

1) Crediting the artwork to Mystiqe/Chebits/Chebits (FA/dA/Weasyl), Chelsey L. Bueckert.

2) Linking back to one of my galleries (Mystiqe@FurAfinity Chebits@Weasyl or Chebits@DeviantART), or this website, and linking back to the image in the gallery.

-Any artwork commissioned with the intention to be sold in any way or redistributed (including edits of the work) must have the details of its use explained to the fullest detail and request in the initial contact. I have the right to refuse to work under such conditions, and I have the right to be aware to all the use of the artwork commissioned from me. An agreement must be clearly stated and agreed to by both client and artist regarding the artwork’s use, regarding publicly/privately sold copies or redistribution. Examples would be: image collections (cd, printed, character portfolios, ect.), pieces sold for profit that go to charities, inclusion in calendars, prints not sold by the artist herself.

-The clients are to be aware that I work mostly with digital media. In the case of a traditional sketch commission, if you wish to receive the original sketch piece you must inform me in the initial request for a commission. Any such inquiries for such after the initial request will be answered with a No. Prints and original sketches can be sent, but the client is responsible for the shipping fees.

-Clients may not distribute/sell/copy/or post artwork unpaid for. Do not take a fully finished, unfinished, or cancelled artwork commissioned from me and have it colored or adjusted by another artist without my explicit permission. Do not assume it is okay to do so against my wishes/without my knowledge.

-Clients may not take a sketch or line work commission to another artist to have it completed/colored. I consider this to be disrespectful, and an insult to my abilities. Collaborative commissions may be offered on special occasions, and only with artist’s whose style I believe to sync up well with my own.

-I encourage my clients to seek a response if no update or reply has been made regarding the commission after a week’s time from the previous contact. Feel free to either note or send me an email. I am more than happy to let you know what is going on and what stage the image is at if I am asked.



If there are any issues not addressed, please contact me and ask. On that note, permission for an activity will not be implied by lack of mention on this page.


Thank you for taking the time to read this fully, and for your consideration of having me work for you.










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