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It’s late but I don’t wanna sleep yet

So here I am!

I submitted my portfolio to Capilano U today. I should hear back on my results in late April. Wish me luck you guys!

This frees up my time quite a bit. However, I have quite a to-do list to knock through, haha. One of the big things is getting Shifters colored up so we can take it to book form and have it on sale for VanCAF! Should be fun~

I also have some long standing commissions that have been waiting patiently. Sighhh I feel so bad. @_@ It’s been a long time since waiting for art from me has been so long. To those concerned, I apologize! Soon I promise! I will get these done soon.

There is of course always the whole need for new merchandise for con season, but I think that can wait till commissions are done. Those take priority.

Either way, con season is upon us! Busy busy time!




So VancouFUR is over and done with! It was an amazing convention, and I loved it to pieces. The dealers den was managed by my good friend Zen, and he did a wonderful job. He made sure everyone had everything they needed, passed around orders for food, did timmies runs, and was just really great. I hope he is dealers den manager again next year!

Sales were really good, and everyone was super friendly. It was overall a super great crowd. I can’t wait to see how it grows!.

I got to do a few different things this year, which was fun! I ran two panels, one which was an Art Jam, and the other was an Intro to Paint Tool SAI! :D Both were pretty well attended, and that just made me really happy. If any of those who attended read this, thanks so much for coming! I also made a secret costume and entered the fursuit parade! That was great. A really fun experience.

I met a ton of super nice people, made some new friends, connected with some people that I look up to artistically, and just overall had an amazing time. I totally will recommend VancouFUR to everyone!

Wow I suck at updating this!

So sorry anyone who keeps an eye out on my blog posts!

Anyways, life has been very busy. To start off, and one of the main reasons for my silence, is in July, I got a job! Normal retail work, nothing too fancy, but it’s a steady paycheck, and has been helping with bills so much. Other than that, I have been working hard at my art when I have time, working on commissions, and doing various con stuff. Also, from the end of September to late December, I was without a decent computer, as mine finally crapped itself. However, thanks to the awesome people over at Shifters: Redux I was able to get a beast of a machine, and now I am back on track!

I’ve been steadily improving my work, fighting towards getting into university. I have a good feeling about this year, as 13 is my lucky number. I’m going to get in, and it’s GOING TO BE AWESOME.

I’ll work on updating the site a bit, dust off all the cobwebs, haha.

Anyways, I’m going to toddle off now. Later!


Oh Man It’s Been a While!

Been working hard on everything. Living on my own now, not sure if I ever mentioned that here.  Just recently had my birthday and turned 20 O: hurrah!


Aside from the usual, I have got Winter Themed Icons goin’ on right now. As far as commissions go at least.


Life wise, this Saturday I’m going to an Open House at Cap U to get a look at the Commercial Animation program, get my previous years portfolio reviewed and critiqued (heavily so), and ust learn even more. I’ll be going with my lovely mentor and good friend, Marie. Yaaay.


I don’t know what else to write here, so toodles! :D I love you all.

Getting Ready For Minicomi!

Prep for Minicomi is almost finished and oh goodness I am so excited~ :D

And after Minicomi, I’m moving out on my own with my boyfriend and a friend. That’s on the 28th, and Minicomi is the 23rd. Im going to be so busy! I haven’t even started packing. I should really get to that D:


But in any case. Lots going on in my life! I’m slowly working on getting my commissions finished, almost done! I’m a little sad I couldn’t get any more book mark prints, but I might make one out of my Rainbow Dash print. We’ll see :)



Let The Madness Begin!

Well, I’ve got basically everything up on here! Got a decent gallery up to start, so we are ready to rock! From now on I will be taking my commissions through email. Just so things are more secure and I won’t loose them as easily. Most announcements will still be on DA/FA and my twitters. Hell, even tumblr. But what I have to do is get all of my work done! Like coloring comic pages for Shifters so it can be able to be printed by minicomi. And then of course there are the prints I want to do FOR minicomi! Augh! So busy!


Feel free to sign up and put comments in the blogs/galleries. But most of all welcome to the site~! Until next time, I’m off to eat.