badge sale sheet


Hello all! Exciting news! I’ll be attending Rainfurrest this year! Thanks to the lovely Temrin for inviting me along to table with her! I’m super stoked!

But I’m also a little worried about paying for my way there and back, so pre-orders ahoy!

Right now these are all to be picked up AT THE CON in person. Shipping is a possibility for those not going, but still want one. But I will not be shipping til afterwards, and badges for the con will take priority.

So without further ado, here is what I need from you! (Also larger examples below)

First, I need you to fill out this order form:

Paypal Email:
Type of Badge: (ATC, Bust, Waist up)
Character Name:
Character Species:
Character ref: (Images only)
Character’s personality:

Once that’s done, shoot an email to me at chelsey.bueckert@gmail.com and I will respond promptly!  I look forward to working with you!

ATCexample x

Bust example x x x

Waist up example x x

Chibi example x