Wow I suck at updating this!

So sorry anyone who keeps an eye out on my blog posts!

Anyways, life has been very busy. To start off, and one of the main reasons for my silence, is in July, I got a job! Normal retail work, nothing too fancy, but it’s a steady paycheck, and has been helping with bills so much. Other than that, I have been working hard at my art when I have time, working on commissions, and doing various con stuff. Also, from the end of September to late December, I was without a decent computer, as mine finally crapped itself. However, thanks to the awesome people over at Shifters: Redux I was able to get a beast of a machine, and now I am back on track!

I’ve been steadily improving my work, fighting towards getting into university. I have a good feeling about this year, as 13 is my lucky number. I’m going to get in, and it’s GOING TO BE AWESOME.

I’ll work on updating the site a bit, dust off all the cobwebs, haha.

Anyways, I’m going to toddle off now. Later!