Minicomi report!

So, it’s almost 5 am. This is me waking up after going to bed at a reasonable time because I was so darn tired at Minicomi! 3 hours of sleep was kinda a bad idea. Almost fell over a few times on my way to the bathroom. All in all, it was all right. A little¬†disappointing, but all right. Right now I’m kinda suffering from some con crud D: Got a sore throat from talking too much and not drinking enough D: oh well. Maybe next year will be better. Got to see a whole bunch of neat cosplays, and I made some money. But sadly I didn’t really make a profit. At all. And that’s kinda disheartening. I made the most out of my friends though, so that’s good? Haha.


Anyway. I should get back to sleep. Im going to be really busy tomorrow with getting shifters done and colored and then packing for the rest of the week.


Also, if you’re visiting from getting one of my business cards, drop me an email! Say hey :D

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