It’s late but I don’t wanna sleep yet

So here I am!

I submitted my portfolio to Capilano U today. I should hear back on my results in late April. Wish me luck you guys!

This frees up my time quite a bit. However, I have quite a to-do list to knock through, haha. One of the big things is getting Shifters colored up so we can take it to book form and have it on sale for VanCAF! Should be fun~

I also have some long standing commissions that have been waiting patiently. Sighhh I feel so bad. @_@ It’s been a long time since waiting for art from me has been so long. To those concerned, IĀ apologize! Soon I promise! I will get these done soon.

There is of course always the whole need for new merchandise for con season, but I think that can wait till commissions are done. Those take priority.

Either way, con season is upon us! Busy busy time!