So VancouFUR is over and done with! It was an amazing convention, and I loved it to pieces. The dealers den was managed by my good friend Zen, and he did a wonderful job. He made sure everyone had everything they needed, passed around orders for food, did timmies runs, and was just really great. I hope he is dealers den manager again next year!

Sales were really good, and everyone was super friendly. It was overall a super great crowd. I can’t wait to see how it grows!.

I got to do a few different things this year, which was fun! I ran two panels, one which was an Art Jam, and the other was an Intro to Paint Tool SAI! :D Both were pretty well attended, and that just made me really happy. If any of those who attended read this, thanks so much for coming! I also made a secret costume and entered the fursuit parade! That was great. A really fun experience.

I met a ton of super nice people, made some new friends, connected with some people that I look up to artistically, and just overall had an amazing time. I totally will recommend VancouFUR to everyone!