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These sketches are only available VIA livestreams, which are announced on Deviantart, Twitter, Tumblr, and FurAffinity.
o Bust sketch $25 USD + $10 USD for colors ( x )
o Hip-up sketch $35 USD + $10 USD for colors ( x x x )
o Full Body sketch $45 USD + $20 USD for colors ( x x x x )

Samples x x x

(Digital Only)
o $25 USD for singles –35$ for couples

Samples x x x
o Bust- $50 USD
o Hip up- $55 USD
o Full body- $65 USD

Samples x x x x
o Bust- $60 USD
o Hip up- $70 USD
o Full body -$85 USD With no/VERY simple background

Full color scenes start at a base price of $130 USD. Fees may be added depending on complexity.

Only available in limited slots via my mailing list, or auction.
Samples x x
(Digital only)
o Basic Ref sheets consist of two flat colored full bodied views (back and front) include characters name, age, race, and gender, and three details. Price is $100 USD Shading can be negotiated.
o For extra details the charge is $30 USD a detail. Note; Wings do not count under this fee. They now have a separate fee, due to complexity
o Outfit options are to be discussed case by case.
o Genitals are an extra $50 USD.
o Wings are an extra $35 USD. This fee is also applicable to illustrations as well


It is to be noted that pricing is per character. Returning customers receive 10% off.

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